How To Get Started

JBP = Just-Been-Paid
JSS = Just-Been-Paid-Synergy-Surf

The 5-JSS programs- You can access them on the top-left-hand side of your JBP home page.


Step 1


Step 2

Join AlertPay/Payza ( take the Pro Acc and add in your Bank Account and Credit card or Debitt Card )
          or Solid TrustPay (add in your Bank Account and Credit Card or Debit Card

Step 3

Fund your JSS acc:

You do this by going to JSS page & clicking on Financial Tab then scroll down to ( Fund JSS Account).
This brings your money from AlertPay To JSS-Financial Account.

But dont buy a JSS position.

Step 4

Fund Tripler Account: This is where you need to start

You do this by going to Tripler Account clicking on Financial then scroll dwn to ( Fund JSS-Tripler Account )

This brings your money from JSS-Main to Tripler-Financial Account.

Step 5

Go to your Tripler page click on Positions then scroll down to ( Buy Positions ) $10 each.

1 Tripler Position cost $10 and Administration will deposit 2% perday into your Tripler Account for 75 Days = $15 ( Min Withdraw $20 ).

And Now for the Free Bonus to Upgraded Members;( This is for those of you who want more profit!! ).

For every 4 Tripler Positions u buy-you get a Free JSS Position When your Tripler Positions Expire in 75 Days.( If u r an Upgraded Member ).

It does not matter if you buy 4 Trip-Positions at a time or a 100 - They still add up to multiples of 4 for your Free JSS-Position.

Note: All money going into and out of JSS are deposited & withdrawn to & from your Main JSS-Financial Account first.

The Key to making Tripler pay u Big is to continue to Reinvest ( buy more Tripler Positions ) until you reach the amount of Daily Income that You are comfortable with.

Once you reach your Desired Daily Income Then you can withdraw 33% and reinvest 66% to keep it there.

JBP Level-1 upgrade cost $20 every 90 Days.

( Cool? It's not due every month and no need to upgrade for 75 days- You will be able to pay it with Tripler income).

Contact me for inquiries and questions:

Skype: outloud20